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Application Process

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1. Complete the relevant application form, making sure you fill out all the necessary sections.

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3. For new members only: If your application is approved, an invoice will be issued to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you grant membership to?

Membership of the Council may be granted to a natural person or an organisation who:

  • Agrees to support the Aims & Objectives of FCRC
  • Is engaged in actively pursuing the Aims & Objectives
  • Complies with any other rules or by-laws of FCRC
  • Carries out their work with no conflict of interest and complies with the Service Standards and Professional Conduct Rules


I can’t afford the membership fees, can I speak to someone about that?

Of course you can. Ron Rowley is our Accounts Officer. In the first instance, contact him through our office to discuss available payment options. If you can’t reach a conclusion with Ron, you may like to speak with our Executive Officer, Peter Gartlan about your circumstances. Both can be contacted through the office during business hours.

My agency will not pay for my membership fees. What should I do?

It’s FCRC policy to request payment for membership through the individual member. It’s then up to you whether you approach your agency for reimbursement or payment. Different agencies will have different policies about this.