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Tuesday 27 Feb 2018

Early Release of Superannuation - Joint Submission

On 8 December 2017 the Government announced that Treasury will conduct a review of the rules governing the early release of superannuation benefits, including for victims of crime compensation.

A joint submission – led by Financial Counselling Australia with the support of all states and territories, Choice and Consumer Action Law Centre – has been made in response to the consultation.

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Tuesday 27 Feb 2018

Chair's Report - February 2018

By: Julie Barrow

In alternating issues of the Devil's Advocate, the FCRC Chairperson contributes a message to the sector. This month, Julie Barrow reports on the sector's busy start to the year, and the prospects ahead.

Monday 26 Feb 2018

Interview with Lynda Horn, Victorian AIDS Council

In each issue of the Devil's Advocate, FCRC shines the spotlight on one of our members.

This month, Lynda Horn describes identifying the need for a financial counselling service through the David Williams Funds and the increasing achievements that have been possible as a result of funding.