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Friday 28 Apr 2017

Chair's report - April 2017

By: Julie Barrow

In alternating issues of the Devil's Advocate, the FCRC Chairperson contributes a message to the sector. This month, Julie Barrow discusses the findings of the Rank the Telco report and congratulates the sector on their involvement.

Thursday 27 Apr 2017

Rank the Telco report launch

"Rare in its directness," FCRC launches their first report examining the hardship practices of Australian telcos.

FCRC launched its first report to examine the hardship policies and practices of Australian telcos on Thursday 27 April in Melbourne, which was attended by representatives from both the financial counselling and telecommunications sectors.

Peter Gartlan, FCRC Executive Officer, acknowledged the involvement of the Victorian financial counsellors in responding to the survey. Overall, 534 comments were submitted, including 66 recommendations for improvements. The survey results were conclusive that the current performance in the telecommunications sector is less than acceptable. All three of the first-tier providers ranked poorly, and none met the basic performance benchmarks set in other industries.

Thursday 27 Apr 2017

Interview with Carly Baker, Wimmera UnitingCare

In each issue of the Devil's Advocate, FCRC shines the spotlight on one of our members. This month, financial counsellor Carly Baker recounts how she grew to love her work and explains the value of networking.