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Thursday 26 Apr 2018

Chair's Report - April 2018

By: Julie Barrow

In alternating issues of the Devil's Advocate, the FCRC Chairperson contributes a message to the sector. This month, Julie Barrow discusses the recent developments within the financial counselling, and broader finance, sectors.

Thursday 26 Apr 2018

Disposal of Assets Case

By: Denny Meadows

A community lawyer at Social Security Rights Victoria (SSRV), working with a financial counsellor at South East Community Links, recently argued a successful case at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a client whose pension payments had been reduced as a result of a disposal of an asset which the Department of Human Services had determined was "gifted" to the client's daughter.

The lawyer, Denny Meadows, has shared the details of the successful case.

Friday 20 Apr 2018

Interview with David Lodge, Bethany Warrnambool

In each issue of the Devil's Advocate, FCRC shines the spotlight on one of our members.

This month, David Lodge talks about the unique aspects of working in a large regional catchment area, and making grown-ups cry!