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Tuesday 25 Jun 2019

Executive Officer's message - June 2019

This month, the FCRC Board adopted its new Strategic Plan for 2019-2021, which has been the result of a consultative process with our members. The plan acknowledges the need for sector expansion, while ensuring the wellbeing of our financial counsellors.

Friday 21 Jun 2019

Elyse Hoskins, Good Shepherd

In each issue of the Devil's Advocate, FCRC shines the spotlight on one of our members.

This month, Elyse Hoskins shares the details of her transition from a corporate career to that of a financial counsellor.

Friday 21 Jun 2019

‚ÄčResearching the impact of financial difficulty assistance, bankruptcy and debt agreements

By: Nicola Howell

Nicola Howell (PhD researcher, Melbourne Law School and Senior Lecturer at QUT) is researching the impact on consumer debtors of financial difficulty assistance/hardship variations, bankruptcy and debt agreements. A better understanding of how people experience the different options, and whether they improve the lives of debtors in the short and longer term, can help us assess how well the relevant laws are working, and whether changes are needed.