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Category: Energy and Water

Friday 16 Jun 2017

FCRC & CALC Submission to the Essential Services Commission

In response to the ESC's new draft decision for its Payment Difficulties Framework, FCRC and Consumer Action Law Centre have submitted their comments to the Commission.

Recognising many of the new measures the ESC has proposed in the revised framework, we are positive the ESC can achieve its objective of ensuring customers are disconnected as a last resort. We also make recommendations to ensure the framework can do more to support and protect vulnerable customers.

Tuesday 07 Feb 2017

New VCOSS/RMIT research project - Energy Under-Use

By: Tom McIntosh

VCOSS is conducting research on energy under-consumption and the use of trade-off strategies (e.g. cutting back on food) in order to afford energy bills. These household strategies can adversely affect health, wellbeing and quality of life. We are hoping you can help us identify people who are interested in participating in this research and sharing their experiences. NOTE: Member-only content. For assistance, contact

Monday 19 Dec 2016

Interview with Briar Hall from EnergyAustralia

EnergyAustralia was the major sponsor of the 2016 Victorian Financial Counsellors Conference. We recently caught up with Briar Hall who leads the Customer Vulnerability & Recovery team at EnergyAustralia to find out more about how the organisation is getting involved with financial counsellors, and what support they offer customers experiencing hardship.