Friday 23 Jun 2017

Chair's Report - June 2017

By: Julie Barrow

A lot has happened organisationally since my last update. Particularly the news of our Executive Officer’s resignation. I know the Board and I have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks reflecting on Peter’s past seven years of leadership with FCRC, and on our growth both as an organisation and sector during this time.

The support Peter has shown to members and their agencies along with the staff at FCRC will certainly be missed. A few key achievements during Peter’s work with FCRC that come to mind would be strongly supporting the diploma of financial counselling, and increasing the quality and professionalism of our training; the pilot of 'Rank the Banks' report which then evolved into a national survey and report opening the dialogue and witnessing change within hardship practices. The “Rank the...” format then extended to the energy, and most recently, telecommunications sectors.

The advocacy and submissions to the Royal Commission into Family Violence were instrumental in raising the challenges women face in respect to economic abuse. This led to greater awareness of its impact and the introduction of 10 FTE specialist financial counselling positions across Victoria.

As a sector we have witnessed significant change and maturity in the way we advocate for change for the issues that impact our clients. I would like to publicly acknowledge the passion Peter has shown for our profession and our clients in leading this change in Victoria, which has undoubtedly raised the profile of financial counselling.

We are grateful for Peter’s continuing support to remain with us until September to welcome the new Executive Officer into the role.