Tuesday 26 Mar 2019

Chair's report - March 2019

By: Julie Barrow

Following the outcomes of the Banking Royal Commission, there has been ongoing talk about increases to funding for financial counselling services. As I write, Louise Sylvan is preparing her report for the Department of Social Services on the review of the sector, to which FCRC has contributed its input. We are optimistic about the future funding landscape for financial counsellors.

With all of this in mind, the need for thoughtful expansion of the sector was a theme of discussion during a recent workshop that the FCRC Board held to review and discuss the strategic direction of the organisation and its priorities. The workshop, which was attended by over 30 financial counsellors representing the various networks and working groups, marks the first stage in the development of FCRC’s next Strategic Plan.

In addition to reliable and sustainable funding, the group prioritised areas such as establishing value and respect for FCs and the profession, and member wellbeing. Our facilitator for the afternoon, Chris Kotur, summarised the sentiments as an “increase of authority and reach while growing.”

On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank all the members who contributed to the process, either through participation in the workshop or by passing feedback through their networks. The Board will use the comments gathered during the workshop to draft its new Strategic Plan.