Tuesday 30 Apr 2019

EO's report - April 2019

By: Sandy Ross

As the Federal election campaign unfolds, FCRC's Centrelink Working Group is gathering evidence about the ways in which the low rate of Newstart impoverishes those trying to survive on it. Financial counsellors are collecting simple data from clients on Newstart in support of the ACOSS Raise the Rate campaign, and will aggregate and present this data to try and shift the debate on this issue. This is a great example of system advocacy in action, and it is important financial counsellors are empowered to address the drivers of vulnerability and hardship they see amongst clients at a system level as part of their roles.

This is an insight emerging from the stress and burnout survey, on which we are finalising the initial data analysis. We got a very high response rate to the survey and those responding were also very generous with the number of comments they provided. This has made detailed analysis and reporting on the survey complex. It is important we treat the responses with care and respect, and ensure that the story it tells about the sector is told with a strong evidence base to improve funding and employment practices in way that make financial counselling a sustainable form of professional employment, and ensure appropriate supports are in place. We will have a headline report out in the next few weeks, with a more comprehensive report to follow later in the year.