Monday 24 Jul 2017

EO's report - July 2017

By: Peter Gartlan

It is with the greatest pleasure that this edition of the Devil’s Advocate announces a unique partnership with a new training organisation that will deliver the best FC diploma training in Victoria.

ICAN is a highly respected financial counselling organisation that trains and employs Indigenous financial counsellors ( and works to highlight Indigenous consumer disadvantage to regulators and industry. Over the last year, ICAN has become a Registered Training Organisation called ICAN Learn, with a focus to deliver sector specific training for the financial counselling and capability sectors. This includes the Diploma of Financial Counselling as well as Financial Literacy Education Skill set training. ICAN Learn’s approach is to work with qualified trainers in states and territories to deliver this vital training throughout Australia.

ICAN Learn and FCRC have partnered to commence diploma training in Victoria and this edition announces three diploma courses that will start in September/October. One course is for students from a CALD background, the other will be held in Bendigo, and the third in Melbourne. For more information go to

ICAN Learn has been established as a social venture. Any surplus funds will go to supporting Indigenous financial counselling.

This announcement is incredibly important to the sector, agencies and stakeholders. Students will be trained by Victorian financial counsellors who are current in their practice and who have the qualification to teach and assess the diploma. Through FCRC, speakers that are able to provide specialist information to students, will be involved in the diploma delivery. The 220 hour placement program will be coordinated by a financial counsellor skilled in working professionally with financial counselling agencies.

It gives confidence to all that a student trained by ICAN Learn will be job ready.

The architect and builder of ICAN Learn is Bernadette Pasco. As many people know, Bernadette has been responsible for our professional development program in Victoria since 2009 and her work has fundamentally changed financial counselling training throughout the country.

FCRC is delighted to be part of an initiative that will genuinely set professional sector standards that is expected of students. Future clients and agencies that will employ these students will be the beneficiaries.