Friday 24 Mar 2017

EO's report - March 2017

By: Peter Gartlan

FCRC is going to launch its first ‘Rank the Telco’ report on Thursday 27 April at 10.00AM at the Queen Victoria Centre, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

We will soon be sending invitations to you, so please make a date claimer if you can make it.

Over two thirds of financial counsellors answered the survey, and again we say thank you for taking the time and effort to complete the survey. In addition we received 537 qualitative comments and ideas for change that are of the highest quality.

Without you, there would be no ‘Rank the industry’ type surveys.

There is no doubt that these surveys are seen by industry and regulators alike as being an excellent barometer about how industry are supporting Australians in financial difficulty. It allows companies to compare themselves to their competitors. And we know that results, even poor results, have driven change and improvement in hardship policies and practices.

Financial counsellors have a unique perspective on seeing first hand how companies interact with their customers in financial difficulty.

This is FCRC’s fourth ranking survey and our first to examine the telecommunications sector.

This survey, without a doubt, is the most comprehensive and detailed report we have written to date. We have used people experienced in qualitative and quantitative data, and telecommunications consumer policy experts. Financial counsellors who were on a reference group gave critical input to the design of the survey.

I hope you can make the launch.