Monday 29 May 2017

EO's Report - May 2017

By: Peter Gartlan

State Government funding of financial counselling

FCRC welcomed the recent decision of the State Government to maintain the levels of financial counselling in Victoria. The government committed to four year funding for the 63 generalist positions as well as an increase in the amount funded per FC. Importantly, the government committed to four year funding which provides certainty to financial counsellors and their agencies.

Additionally, the State Government committed to funding the 11 family violence financial counselling positions. $1.5 million has been allocated each year to support these important roles. It also will continue to support the Economic Abuse Reference Group (that FCRC is a member of) as well as the roll out of family violence training to all financial counsellors in Victoria over the next two years, and investigating the potential to broaden access to financial literacy programs for victims of financial abuse.

We thank staff of Consumer Affairs Victoria for their role in achieving this outcome.

FCRC has been funded for 12 months pending a review of the support services FCRC provides to the sector. We look forward to participating in this review.



Apologies for cross postings, but I wanted to let the readership of the Devil’s Advocate know that I recently informed the FCRC board of my resignation as Executive Officer.

There was never going to be a right time for finishing, however after seven years in this position, I concluded it is the right time for the organisation and the right time for me.

The Board highlighted that FCRC is in a good position to continue its growth and development to secure its future. There is so much more to be done!

The sector has earned a strong reputation because we developed and grew in the areas of training, professional development, sector support, advocacy on hardship issues, board governance, and relationships with FC agencies, industry, government and EDR schemes.

None of this would have been possible without the work and support of financial counsellors, other consumer advocates, agency managers and the range of stakeholders and government departments that support the work of the sector. In particular, all the staff and boards over the years. I am so appreciative of this.

The Board agreed that I would remain in the role until mid-September to

  • Participate in the review of FCRC by Consumer Affairs Victoria, to be finalised by the end of August,
  • Continue to coordinate the work of FCRC to ensure a smooth transition and
  • Continue the planning and organisation of the FCRC conference to be held in October.