Thursday 27 Sep 2018

EO's report - September 2018

By: Sandy Ross

This month, I am providing an update on FCRC’s funding agreements, which have seen some significant new developments in the past few months.

Firstly, I am pleased to advise that we have signed a new three year funding agreement with Consumer Affairs Victoria, recognising our role in building capacity in the financial counselling sector around professional development and training, communication and advocacy.

Secondly, we have signed an initial one year funding agreement with Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, also recognising our role in supporting gambling specialist financial counsellors through specifically designed professional development, and work in the advocacy space.

Thirdly, we have signed a funding agreement with Department of Health and Human Services to build capacity amongst financial counsellors working with suspected elder abuse clients, while linking financial counselling more effectively into the integrated model of care being trialled. This includes training health and aged care workers about financial counsellors. Bern Pasco has been appointed to lead this project.

Lastly, we were successful in a grant application to the Federation of Community Legal Centres in partnership with Social Security Rights Victoria (SSRV). This funding will support the establishment of a new worker advice line improving the support SSRV provides to financial counsellors, as well as helping establish cooperative work with SSRV on professional development and advocacy in relation to social security issues.

These are all exciting opportunities, and reflect strong relationships with our various funding bodies and partners. Over the next year we aim to use these resources and relationships to provide relevant and dynamic professional development, enable excellent communications both within the sector, and about the sector to external stakeholders, and develop effective advocacy on key issues affecting people who are vulnerable or in hardship.