Thursday 23 Aug 2018

FCRC welcomes new Campaigns & Advocacy Manager

FCRC has appointed Rene Ploegmakers to the position of Campaigns and Advocacy Manager (0.5 EFT). Rene started with FCRC on 15 August, and shared a bit about his approach to the new role:

“FCRC has created this position to provide support and assistance to the networks and working groups, acknowledging that Networks and working groups have different needs and requirements. It is clear that Financial Counsellors are under significant pressure of casework, and that that casework has become significantly more complex as the work we do becomes more widely understood. In that context, it is vital that supports are in place to lighten the load on members and enable member participation as much as possible in relation to networks and working groups.

“My role is to support convenors and secretaries in their roles, and enhance communications amongst and between the groups and networks. This includes keeping an eye open for news and trends in issues that directly relate to activities of working groups, and collating, and assisting to collate case studies and developing and helping to implement campaigns. For example, if you are looking to advocate on a specific topic, I could put together client stories and other information in a pamphlet to present at meetings with MPs or create social media posts to share. These are just general suggestions, you know best what would aid you in achieving your goals, and I am keen to hear your suggestions.

“I have worked with many Financial Counsellors over the 18 years that I have been in direct Financial Counselling practice, and many more again on a range of housing issues starting in the early 90’s. Having been around Financial Counselling for a very long time and seen much of the ebbs and flow for Financial Counsellors and the FCRC, it is pleasing to be able to work with the sector through the Financial and Consumer Rights Council as the Campaigns Advocacy Manager.”