Thursday 22 Jun 2017

Interview with Carlos Poveda Rayo, Anglicare Werribee

Please tell us about your background.

I was born in Colombia and came to Australia nine years ago. I previously worked in the banking and insurance industry over a six year period. I came to Australia to improve my English and ended up studying Community Welfare. I've been working as a Financial Counsellor with Anglicare for almost 6 years now.


What motivated you to pursue financial counselling?

I have always been passionate about social justice. While doing my diploma in Community Welfare, I realised I was not prepared to go back to corporate, and that working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people was what I was really passionate about.


What has been your proudest achievement to date?

I'm proud of what we do as Financial Counsellors. I've seen how we can make the difference in someone’s life just by listening to their issues and providing all the options available for each case. Most importantly I'm proud to work with a team full of people who have genuine care and empathy - were the nicest people turn "ruthless" when it comes to advocating in the best interest of a client.


What has been the most valuable resource or advice you’ve had?

My most valuable resource has been my team and the FCs I have worked with. We have a very supportive team with a very constructive attitude. It helps me to become a better FC every day.


What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the financial counselling sector?

One of the biggest challenges facing the financial counselling sector is assisting clients from a working household who are struggling to service their day-to-day expenses. Unaffordable housing, including mortgages, is a huge issue in the Western suburbs.


And now the easy questions:

What book are you reading at the moment?/ Favourite book?

I'm reading " the purpose driven life" by Rick Warren. My favourite book has to be " Strange Pilgrims: Twelve Stories" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


What TV show are you currently watching?/ Favourite TV show?

The only TV show I watch is "Selling Houses Australia"