Wednesday 25 Jul 2018

Interview with Lisa Hansen, Casey North CISS

Please tell us about your background.

For many years I worked in accounts payable however always with the desire to work in the community sector. I was working full time and a sole parent. I went back to school and completed a Community Development diploma. My action research project was researching the impact of financial literacy for women exiting family violence. I was fortunate enough to obtain a placement with Casey North and later employment. I had two roles, as a social welfare worker and financial literacy worker.

What motivated you to pursue financial counselling?

I felt passionate about financial literacy and loved facilitating workshops. In this role I worked with financial counsellors already at Casey north and discovered it was a field where I could make more of a direct impact in regards to advocacy and education. I went on to study financial counselling. Community development core principles align well with financial counselling.

What are the unique aspects of your role or the area you work in?

I am very fortunate to work for an agency that also provides other services that we can link clients to. This enables a more holistic approach to a client’s needs. Money issues are usually only one aspect of stress in a person/families life.

What has been your proudest achievement to date?

Completing my diplomas.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the financial counselling sector?

Lack of funding available to meet the growing needs of community.

What has been the most valuable resource or advice you’ve had?

That taking the time to care for yourself helps you to be your best for others.

And now the easy questions:

What TV show are you currently watching?

I am currently watching Condor, and my favourite TV shows recently are Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

What is your favourite podcast?

Stuff You Should Know and Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcasts.