Monday 24 Oct 2016

La Trobe Student Union joins the National Financial Literacy Strategy

The National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17 sets out a national direction for financial literacy in Australia. It provides a practical framework to guide the actions of stakeholders from the Government, business, community and education sectors with an interest in improving the financial literacy of Australians.

Financial literacy and exclusion of our more vulnerable clients have always been concerning to financial counsellors. Both Financial Counselling Australia (FCA) and ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission) are strategically involved in this area and provide an action plan for stakeholders to this end. This action plan involves educating the next generation, generating research, providing information and resources, and strengthening the co-ordination of effective partnerships. Please read more:

The La Trobe University Student Union (LTSU) has responded to significant need in their student community by establishing a Financial Counselling practice which is well placed in the formal education sector, serving the needs of students from diverse and marginalised backgrounds to reduce their financial difficulty, complete their education, and gain employment.

Robyn Angus, LTSU Financial Counsellor, welcomes the new LTSU-National Financial Literacy Strategy partnership, stating that “joining the (strategy) will strengthen the LTSU’s ability to implement educational programs to improve our students’ financial capabilities”.